Welcome to Tri-State Shiba Inu Rescue. We are a small State of Ohio Non-profit located east of Cincinnati. Our mission is to save, rehabilitate and rehome abandoned and neglected dogs primarily of the Shiba Inu breed in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia and any other we are capable of reaching.

Home safe and sound!

Molly got loose this afternoon (11/06/2013) when the gas man came in and left the garage door open.

If you are in or near Greenfield, please help us find Molly. If you see her call 937-763-1098 or  937-763-3580. 
Molly is a petite girl weighing only about 13 lbs with a crippled left rear leg.
She is shy, scared and probably won't approach a stranger, so please call and don't chase her.

Molly has been found and is on her way home safe and sound!

Molly is on her way home! While trying to put bedding out in the last   place she had been seen, she was spotted again.    
After chasing her until   she couldn't chase anymore, her mom collapsed and started crying and   guess what, she ended up    
with Molly in her arms giving her kisses.